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Julie Bélanger,
our spokesperson!

We are so proud to announce that Julie Bélanger has spontaneously agreed to be the spokesperson for Tel-Aide Montréal. She says she is honored to take the torch for the continuation of Ms. Janette Bertrand, who was a key figure in Tel-Aide Montréal’s reputation during its 50 years of existence.

We are privileged to be associated with a woman of such genuine and generous heart. Our cause is close to her heart, and her professional background shows this. Reading her book “ÊTRE BIEN” has helped us discover her and allows us to admire her humility and her greatness of soul.


Talking about mental health is a mission close to my heart, because I am convinced that to take care of oneself, we must first name our discomforts, and put them into words to recognize them.

Tel-Aide Montreal is, in that sense, more than an essential service to me! To be listened to, to break isolation, to be able to confide in someone, it can make all the difference in someone’s life!

I am honoured to be able to, in my turn, shine a light on Tel-Aide Montreal and perhaps help people who are suffering. Because we all have our storms to get through, but sometimes it takes an ear, a kind word, to feel supported to keep going.”


Julie Bélanger

On behalf of the entire Tel-Aide Montréal team and all those who will choose to listen at Tel-Aide Montréal and the callers who will be heard thanks to you, we say a big THANK YOU Julie !

France Wagner,


a listener


Listening gives me the quality of self-giving, humility and a greater openness to others


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50 years, still listening

Founded in 1971, Tel-Aide Montréal is the first call center in Quebec to offer a listening service for people suffering from mental health problems or simply needing to be listened to. For 50 years, Tel-Aide has received more than two million calls and listens to thousands of Montrealers every day through a toll-free, confidential, and anonymous listening service, in French and English.


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Tel-Aide Montréal actively contributes to the improvement of mental well-being by listening.

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