Why become a listener ?

In recent years, the rate of psychological distress has drastically increased among Quebec adults. The Montreal community needs people like you more than ever to help them move forward in their lives.

By listening, you help people reduce their feeling of loneliness and help them to no longer feel trapped in their problems. Your listening makes all the difference! 


A good listener invites his interlocutor to confide and listens in kindness. He or she shows interest in the subject under discussion and remains objective, even if one does not agree with the person or what they are saying, regardless of age or gender.

Active listening
can be learned !

24 h
of training

Theoretical courses Practical courses Exercises


24 h
of internship

Accompanied listening sessions and
solo listening shifts.

Calls could be jointly listened to with a supporter for training purposes.

With Tel-Aide Montréal, you’ll learn the art of empathetic listening to people who need to talk. See how your presence and your listening make all the difference.

Does listening speak to you?