Why become a listener ?

In recent years, the rate of psychological distress has drastically increased among Quebec adults. The Montreal community needs people like you more than ever to help them move forward in their lives.

By listening, you help people reduce their feeling of loneliness and help them to no longer feel trapped in their problems. Your listening makes all the difference!

The listener enjoys a feeling of being useful and giving back to the community. Listening is also a tool for self-discovery and can transform our daily relationships.

If listening speaks to you, we look forward to meeting and welcoming you among our volunteers!

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Questions about volunteering at Tel-Aide Montréal? 
Email us at recrutement@telaide.org

or call 514-935-1105 (#235) to speak to our Volunteer Recruitment Coordinator

Discover the Tel-Aide Montréal volunteer experience in this documentary.

What we hear from our volunteers


I have the privilege to listen to people’s situations that otherwise I wouldn’t have the chance to be in this present moment with them. I am grateful for that!



More often than not, someone just wants another to listen. In active listening, the power of empathy comes alive, giving the person a chance to speak its mind.



Being there when someone needs to talk makes me feel useful. I’m convinced my presence shows them that we care, and that they matter. 



When some callers, at the end of a call, thank me for having listened to them calmly and without passing judgment on them, I have an incredible feeling of accomplishment for having been useful to somebody who needed to share a burden.



A good listener is present with the caller and listens with empathy. The listener shows interest in the caller and their feelings. He remains authentic and respectful even if what he hears offends his values, regardless of the caller’s particularities.

Active listening
can be learned !

24 h
of training

Theoretical courses Practical courses Exercises


24 h
of internship

Accompanied listening sessions and
solo listening shifts.

Continuing education and sharing meetings also help provide the support and tools volunteers need for a rewarding experience.

With Tel-Aide Montréal, you will learn the art of active listening, listening to people who need to talk. You will feel how your presence and your listening will have an impact on the caller.

Does listening speak to you?